Picture Gallery

The pleasure of sailing with us is really something that needs to be experienced to be believed. But to give you an idea of some of the magnificent sights to be viewed throughout the waters of Corner Inlet, Bass Strait and Wilsons Promontory Coastal Park, we’ve included several picture galleries on this page. Oh, and there’s also one that showcases our beautiful little town of Port Albert and the majestic Gold Coast too.

On this page you’ll find quality pictures of the coastal waters, marine animals, fish, tourists, catamarans, ferries and boats, the islands, Nooramunga Marine Park, North and South Stradbroke Islands, pictures of the Gold Coast, Seaworld, aquarium fish, sharks and more … photographed off eastern Australia.

These scenes were photographed by Elizabeth Richardson and provided courtesy of ‘lifegames’ Photography and the South Gippsland Website … enjoy!

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