North Stradbroke Island Tour

From Brisbane Queensland, a tour bus will collect you from outside the main transit center just opposite the police station. After a very comfortable and quite scenic trip through the city, you’ll be taken on-board the ferry across Moreton Bay. You don’t even need to get off the bus, but most of the ferries that travel over to North Stradbroke Island have a very nice cafe, good food, fabulous coffee and a great view from inside no matter what the weather. Of course you can opt to take the top viewing deck and watch out for whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine creatures.

On arrival at the island there is an indigenous aboriginal art gallery with working artists and friendly staff to show you how they prepare canvas and frame these special prints.

On one side of the island is bushland where the tannin from the eucalypt and tee trees colours the water brightly. Safe to swim and very warm in the water.

The other side of the island displays steep cliffs, scenic walks, great cafes, coffee shops and places to purchase souvenirs. The swimming and surfing is excellent and 4 wheel drive tours can often be seen in the distance gracing the sandy edges of the coast.

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